We often hate to be bombarded with organising our schedules into our calendars. As a result, we sometimes forget to enter our schedules manually or complain on how inconvenient it is for us to copy and paste the information needed for setting up reminders in our calendars. We end up spending most of our time thinking how to efficiently manage our schedules.

Google, being the innovation leader of today, has come up with a simple yet intuitive solution to this dilemma. Google unraveled the newest version of Google Calendar app which aims to assist us spend less time minding about our schedule and more time enjoying it.

Automating Info Entry into Google Calendar

The new Google Calendar app is specifically made to make schedule management hassle-free. You’re not going to manually enter events to your calendar anymore. The app will automatically process the entry of your events by pulling out the needed information from your email inbox.

When you buy concert tickets or booked a flight or hotel reservation, you’re most likely given an email which confirms your transaction. The Google Calendar app will take the data out of the email and add it intuitively to your calendar with the date, time, and other details and incoming updates.

Google Calendar App Introduces New Features

The new feature called the Schedule View lets you view your schedule in a visual and livelier way. The feature presents your schedule with maps or images on each upcoming event so you can have an attractive look at your day and makes it easy for you to view it at a glance.

There is also a useful feature called Assists which offers you smart suggestions for event titles, people, and places when creating an event. It basically autofills event info like phone numbers, addresses, attendees to save you time when manually entering your events in case you don’t have the email required to automate the process.

Google Calendar App is Currently on Android

The Google Calendar App currently works with the latest version of Android, the 5.0 Lollipop. Google is now working on making the app available for the preceding Android versions and for iPhone devices. The app can be downloaded for free via Google Play.