When a brilliant idea hits you suddenly, it’s most likely that same idea will fall into the pits of your forgetfulness. Ideas often spring up at a time when you’re busy doing other things, so you don’t always have the time to get a pen and paper and write them up.

Neato, an iOS widget, wants to be the go-to solution for our memory gap. Unlike other note-taking apps, taking notes with Neato is faster and more accessible. It’s the first iOS widget to have the most use so far.

Jot Down Notes without Opening an App

Neato is an iOS Notification Center extension that lets you instantly jot down notes by just dragging the Notification Center down. You don’t have to install and open an app to get your quick writing done. It’s the fastest note-taking app to hit mobile devices this year. And we wonder why no one has ever thought about making this app until recently.

All the notes entered unto the extension are saved automatically to a Dropbox or Evernote account. You can also send a note via email, Twitter, or iMessage. It’s a very useful tool if you want to save your ideas or reminders as quick as possible.

Neato Works Anywhere on the Device

You can use Neato on any app. Simply drag or swipe down the Notification Center and start jotting down notes. The extension is always available in the Notification Center so it’s easily accessible anywhere on your iOS device.

Neato has its own keyboard since Apple doesn’t allow any app to use its own system keyboard from the Notification Center. The keyboard from Neato is a bit different from the regular iOS keyboard since it’s developed by Neato. There’s also no copy/paste function so whenever you commit mistakes when writing, you have to go back and delete everything you typed before editing.

Available on App Store

Neato is only limited to iOS devices as it is primarily designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can download this highly-useful widget app for free on the App Store. And although it has some drawbacks, it’s worth the try for this app fairly proves that iOS widgets are quite useful after all.