Marking its 10th year anniversary, Mozilla has made a huge release that would surely delight all developers out in the open. The web has spawned a lot of successes through the passing years and developers are looking forward into getting their hands on each surprise the Web has to offer. Yet Mozilla’s latest announcement might be the biggest from the company.

With a new and standalone browser, themed in dark and cool shades of blue, the Firefox Developer Edition as claimed by the company is “the first browser created specifically for developers.”

Firefox Developer Edition Released with Built-In Tools

The Firefox Developer Edition is Mozilla’s new browser version of the Firefox, but that’s built with the developers in mind. Packed with useful and built-in developer tools, the browser wants to provide developers with a dedicated developer browser that’s highly customisable to what they want to experience on a daily basis.

The new browser solves the problem of having to jump from one platform to another when developers go through their development workflow. Within the Firefox Development Edition browser, uses can build, test, scale and do more all from one place. Mozilla has also employed a pre-installed extension called Valence which allows users to inspect and debug apps from any browser or device.

Favorite Dev Tools In One Place

Mozilla’s initiative to help developers streamline their workflow and simplify the process of web building has them equip the new browser with core development tools that would allow users to work across a myriad of platforms.

These are the development tools in Firefox Development Edition:

• WebIDE: this tool replaces the app manager and will let users develop, deploy, and debug Firefox OS apps in the browser.

• Responsive Design View: this tool enables users to preview their website or web apps on any screen sizes to assess how the site will look like.

• Valence: this gives users the power to develop and debug apps from multiple browsers and devices.

• Web Audio Editor: this lets users inspect and interact with Web Audio API to see that all audio nodes are connected the way you want them.

• Page Inspector: users can see logged information in here and interact with web pages using JavaScript.

• Style Editor: users can see and change CSS styles of a web page, or they can create new ones and apply the stylesheets to any page.

• and more…

Mozilla’s Reason to Build Firefox Developer Edition

Mozilla has decided to design the browser to cater to the needs of developers. The company has admitted to have compromised the developer experience just to improve the customer experience. And more often than not, developers are often left with what they could have. Mozilla wants to win them back and thought the browser must be a good start to lure them back in.