When planning on how to manage personal finances, it’s best to choose the financial solution that would automate things for its users. Money management is not a joke, so the need to handle finances carefully with a powerful and efficient tool is crucial. Choosing the best app means it should be simple to use since no one wants to complicate matters involving money. Fortunately, MoneyWiz was created to match our basic needs in financing.

Easy and Stress- Free Personal Financing

MoneyWiz is a money management app that lets users track spending habits, overall net worth, make budgeting, and more. However, this is just a basic personal finance manager and budgeting tool unlike Quiken. The app runs on Google Android and Apple platforms including the iOS for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

MoneyWiz User Interface

The app has a neat and stress-free user interface so users can use it conveniently. It’s never good to use finance tools that only worsens how we interpret things regarding money. Making inputs is incredibly easy as well as easily readable. There are also a few filter options when searching, depending on how the user wants to view or track his finances. The look of the app is consistent across other iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and even the OS X.

MoneyWiz also has the sync feature so that it would be easy to use across platforms and works the same without issue no matter which device one uses.

Available on the App Store

Though it’s not an advanced personal financing tool, it has all everything one needs in handling basic finances. There are more useful features in MoneyWiz that meets the eye. It’s a promising investment paired with its complete package.

MoneyWiz is available on the App Store for $4.99 iPad, $4.99 iPhone, $24.99 Mac.