A lot of businesses are offering different tools to boost your digital marketing efforts. As this notable area in marketing is changing its algorithms every now and then, we often find ourselves using just about any tool coming out to help us get our content spread as wide as we want it to.

A new online platform is now gaining the attention of digital marketers out there as it tries to cover all areas covered in digital marketing with a few simple clicks. There’s no need for you to switch to other apps or tabs to view your metrics anymore, Mondovo has come to simplify the process.

Mondovo is the Ultimate Digital Marketing Solution

Mondovo is an online platform that provides an all-in-one tool set for digital marketers, whether they’re into SEO or Social Media marketing. The application wants to simplify the process so users spend less time on pulling out data from competitors and instead focus on more relevant and meaningful data. The tools help users make raw data into simplified, readable reports to make actionable insights.

Mondovo also provides an Analytics Module for users to extract performance metrics quickly and streamline all their digital marketing activities.

Mondovo Features

The platform’s digital marketing tool set includes features in three tool types: SEO, Social Media, and Analytics. Managing and measuring your digital marketing activities can now be done in one place.


• Bulk Metrics
• On-Page Analyzer
• Keyword Research
• Link Research
• Rankings Monitor
• Website Audit

Social Media:

• Facebook Analytics and Competition
• Twitter Analytics and Competition


• Google Analytics

Mondovo’s Pricing

Mondovo’s target market is those in the digital marketing field such as social media managers, campaign managers, small businesses, and agencies. Signing up for the service is free, accompanied by a free 30-day trial with unlimited access to all features. Since it’s still in beta, expiring users who availed the one month free trial period can sign up for another free trial plan.

Mondovo’s official pricing and plans are not yet available at the moment.