Manually entering bills and other financial data into accounting software is an endeavor experienced by accounting professionals. Instead of focusing on calculating and analysing the figures, they spend more time on entering data like it’s the only thing that matters in the job. Other more important matters are left because they can’t get move on until the data are already established in the software.

Enter Entryless, an accounting software add-on which aims to make data entry hassle-free and a relaxing routine. It’s a Service as a Software (SaaS) platform that gives companies the right technology to automate data entry.

What is Entryless

Entryless allows individuals and businesses to automatically enter their bills into their accounting software of choice. The app offers an accounts payable solution which aims to reduce the time and effort spent when manually entering data or processing bills. It’s dubbed to be lightweight, fast, and accurate.

You can generate accounting entries from bills of any format and sync them into the accounting software like Xero. Entryless was made specifically for accountants and bookkeepers to help concentrate more to their core functions in the department. Also, through the app, business owners can make better financial decisions fast.

Using Entryless

Entryless generally functions as an accounts payable platform for businesses where they can automate the process of collecting and handling incoming bills from many types of industries.

To start using the add-on app, you must first upload your vendors and accounts into it as a CSV or Excel file. The app also allows you to email or upload your bills through its drag and drop interface and the app will automatically analyse and interpret the bills uploaded. When connected with an accounting software, it will pull out your suppliers and chart of accounts.

Entryless is Global

Entryless was created to serve global customers, especially in Australia, New Zealand, US, and UK. Its automated system supports tax and currency from different countries and hopes to add more great features into their product.