This might come as a shock for those who have availed Microsoft Office‘s mobile subscription. It seems pretty crazy if you’ve come to think about it, but Microsoft is serious at getting its Office 365 mobile apps for free on smartphones. While the company’s goal, as stated in reports, is to increase Office users everywhere, one can’t deny that it’s one effective ploy they’re rolling out to embrace the mobile era.

No Fees for Office Core Functions

Plugging the freemium model into their new marketing strategy, Microsoft Office wants to be what most mobile users want them to become- a service which provides free text writing software accessible anywhere. It’s a concept they hadn’t recognized yet way back when other free mobile word processors came out on app stores. Of course, Microsoft’s Office mobile apps remained king in the market as it comprises with a range of useful features for mobile users.

The new free Office 365 software is now ready to hit the app store, making the app already usable for iPhone and iPad users. Meanwhile, Android users have to wait until next year to download the app, but they’re given an early preview to pique their excitement.

Microsoft Office Broken into 3 Standalone Apps

The update has prompted Microsoft to take out Office for iPhone which once had basic versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel acting as an all in one app. Today, the company has decided to offer each Office 365 software as 3 standalone products with powerful capabilities.

The company has already partnered with cloud storage Dropbox to enable users to edit and share content such as Office documents in both services. This will make Office more accessible on different devices and software.

Microsoft is Embracing the Freemium Business Model

Microsoft has made the Office 365 free for individual mobile users, but the company has not opened the service for free to businesses. There’s still subscription needed for businesses to access the app, especially if they deem the integration of cloud storage as useful for their organisation. This is where Microsoft can generate its revenue, being aware of how its Office suite has powered thousands of businesses all over the world.

Individual consumers can also subscribe to their paid subscription and get the suite’s full premium features for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But most people for sure won’t need such extras.