About.me, a web platform that showcases people’s stories and skills, has come up with an app which bolsters the way personal brands should be presented to the public. Back then until now, people often present themselves to strangers and new acquaintances with traditional business cards- that little piece of polished paper where your contact information is laid neatly in crisp letters and numbers. The very thing in pop culture Patrick Bates was once so obsessed about.

Nothing much has changed since then. We still hand out business cards to the people we want to do business with, like the digital age hasn’t yet found this glitch. Fortunately, Tony Conrad of About.me found this glitch and took his chances into bringing traditional business cards to the digital era with Intro app.

Intro, the Digital Business Card

Intro is an iOS app which hopes to make business cards a thing of the past by setting up your contact information online with your photo on it. Since people are becoming mobile-oriented now and don’t always have a business card with them, Intro aims to bring business cards to the mobile experience.

The information shared on your About.me page will be the source of the contact information shared in Intro. The good thing is, you can share your contact information to anyone you like. The catch is, your contact is available for everyone using the app when they search you. But you can however choose which information you’d like to share or keep private.

Intro App Solves Common Problems

Intro is a great app for those who always forget the people they’ve contacted with. It addresses the problem by putting the contact’s photo with the information so users can easily recognize that person if ever they meet again. So the next time you bump into someone who knows you but you’ve forgotten about, you can quickly scan that person’s info through Intro.

The contact details you’ve gathered or send out are stored in the app’s “My Shares” and “Shared with Me” so you can pull out specific information right away. The app also lets you sync your curated information with your iPhone contacts.

It’s Not About.Me’s First Attempt

Tony Conrad first attempted to revamp the face of traditional business cards to compliment About.me. He partnered with Moo cards so he can produce a new kind of business card, yet still in its physical form.

It didn’t get enough traction from the site’s users since not all About.me users have business cards.

Intro was then made as a solution to the problem and hopes to be the leading go-to app for contact sharing. The app is available for download in the App Store for free.