It’s common knowledge that calendars around the globe aren’t the same, we don’t live in the same time zones, and we don’t do the same things at a time. And so the need to coincide our schedules with others seems necessary as technology is making people become worldlier. Nowadays, we usually work with people outside our time zones, so an app that would stitch together our schedules with those people is crucial.

Meekan Connects Calendar Anywhere

 Meekan is a mobile app for iOS devices which aims to effectively schedule your meetings to anyone without minding which calendar you use. The app uses its Flexible Time Algorithm to power up its scheduling and optimisation capability.

Simply put, it helps you simplify your scheduling by scraping the appropriate times for you to meet with other people. It analyses both you and your attendee’s calendar to see which days or times both can be available, taking into account your time zones and working hours. 

What Separates Meekan with Other Scheduling Apps

There are a lot of scheduling apps available for download, and while they intend to schedule and manage your calendar, they don’t quite work like Meekan. The app stands apart from the competition by announcing that it’s not just another calendar app. Meekan is different because it recognises any calendar you’re using, mainly the major ones but they’re also adding other less known calendars.

The company is aware how the app is getting head to head with a similar app called Doodle, which is also an online scheduling service. But Meekan is strong to say that it’s better since the app connects all aspects of a meeting, including scheduling, communication, and collaboration.

There’s no need for users to share their calendars, or initiate an email ping about their availability. Meekan, with its AI-like technology, will do the job for you and yield the best, most relevant results.

Meekan for Developers

Meekan wants its advanced technology to be integrated into other apps, so it’s offering its API/SDK to help developers improve their apps with Meekan’s scheduling capabilities.

Meekan plans on monetising their services by charging for its enterprise products, which is targeted to SMBs.