The internet is a place for research. Almost all information we need to know lie within its algorithms. However, when we want to conduct a specific research about a private company or a startup, the internet only gives us vague information with lesser value. Researching on these types of companies is essential to private market investors. They need to know which company can provide them with a huge return of investment. That’s what Mattermark aims to achieve on the web.

Profit-Making through Data Research

Mattermark is a service as a software (SaaS) platform that helps venture capitalists and other corporate professionals get valuable and complex intelligence on startups and private companies. The web-based tool identifies potential investment opportunities for investors, and monitors the progress of budding startups.

The tool basically analyses businesses’ data in terms of social media traction, website traffic, and press letters. This ensures to find, track, and research the technology of companies. The company assesses in analysing quantitative data and performance of thousands of private companies, especially in the tech industry.

The Data Being Analysed by Mattermark

The data collection process of Mattermark is built to provide the necessary and specific information that would satisfy investor enquiries. Most customers who avail of the company’s services use data primarily for business development and investment purposes. The collected data can also be useful for mergers and acquisitions, recruiting, partnerships with other companies, sales, and marketing.

The company gathers and curates data from tech news sites, SEC filings, media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They’ve also licensed with AngelList and Crunchbase for specific data. It also presents both the historical and latest company data including number of employees, press mentions, web traffic, business model, geo location, and even the members of the management team. All big data is in one place.

Mattermark’s Plans & Pricing

Mattermark has a subscription-based model with two pricing plans. There’s the Pro plan for $399/month that allows users to view unlimited companies, investor portfolios, and more. There’s also the Enterprise plan which compromises everything in the Pro plan with bulk synching with Salesforce, REST API, and custom data management solutions.