Almost everybody loves Twitter. It’s where anyone can get discovered. In just a few simple snippets, you can get people hooked. Brands have been using the blogging platform for their campaigns and promotions. But managing it can be cumbersome if your promotion turns out to be a success. There are too many information to filter and people to respond to. A web app called Meshfire can handle every aspect of social media management for you.

Twitter Management Made Easy

Meshfire, a web app for managing Twitter, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to handle your company’s Twitter presence. This helps you stay on focus and be responsive, so that you can build strong relationships with your customers. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on doing the difficult tasks of managing your account.

The artificial intelligence used is named Ember. She acts as a virtual team member who helps your social media team in analysing the activities happening in your profile. She can suggest the right people to follow, engagement opportunities, and conversations to participate in. Ember can also filter your newsfeed so you won’t have to see irrelevant information.

Meshfire Features

Meshfire provides crisp and gorgeous metrics and reports to help you track engagement, followers, impressions, and reach. This guides you into sharing more engaging and valuable content that people will like and share.

The web app also tracks trending topics and keywords so you’ll be aware what people are talking about. It will enable you to join these conversations so that people can relate with your brand or company.

Meshfire’s task board picks out all the tweets you need to focus on and puts them on your task board. The task board gives you an overview of everything you need to do including which people to respond to and which hot conversations you need to join in.

Built for Team Collaboration

Meshfire is originally designed for teams managing one Twitter account. You can assign tasks to each member or let them pick their own task. You can keep track of who’s responding to whom or who’s responsible with what. Ember can also choose the tasks for your members as you increase your Meshfire usage.

When collaborating with a remote team, you can use Meshfire’s Direct Message to talk to them.