When a company is comprised of different departments, allocating the company’s limited resources to serve all the departments could become a problem. One example is a company’s meeting room. It’s highly possible that the company only has one; therefore, this area is one of the most exhausted locations in the office next to work stations.

There is this silent war that employees have on winning the conference room at a particular office hour. This is one problem that companies have overlooked for years. Instead of concentrating on the flow of operations, different departments are bothered on managing the time they want to meet with their team. Ender Lab’s EventBoard aims to solve this corporate problem.

EventBoard is Cloud-Based

EventBoard is a cloud-based software platform which helps companies manage their meeting room scheduling on mobile devices. The app lets users schedule, coordinate, and display meeting statuses on existing iOS devices such as the Apple iPad and iPad Mini.

Through the app, users can view which rooms are currently in use and which meetings are taking place every day in the organisation. As a recommendation, the tablet which bears the software should be mounted or strapped to the door outside a conference room so people can conveniently see its status.

EventBoard Comes with a Powerful Analytics Tool

The analytics framework is built within EventBoard’s interface. The “Reports” tab in the navigation allows users to see the events happening in the organisation. The analytics feature lets users analyse trends, identify emerging patterns, and see which rooms are important for the company.

The occupancy rates tell companies how much of their meeting rooms are being used. These results will help them decide when to expand their office spaces or build new ones.

EventBoard is Highly-Customisable

Companies can design the interface of the software to reflect to their organisation. Most companies want to customise the product as with other office tools. Companies will only have to pay the monthly system cost for $10 per device. As of now, the software only runs on iPads so a company has to purchase one first before installing the product.

The Android version for this product is still in the works.