People are going to ask you questions about your products and services, it’s something that you can’t easily avoid when you have a business. As much as you want to attend immediately to their enquiries, you simply don’t have enough time to do such. You’ve got more things to do, being the striving entrepreneur that you are.

Limdesk wants to untangle you from all these mess by making your client management easier. And by easier, we mean making your work simpler so you can focus more on the things that matter most.

Limdesk- Your Virtual Helpdesk

Limdesk is a software that helps entrepreneurs build an effective client management system to get to their clients questions immediately. The trick that this software does is pretty logical- keep a database for frequently asked questions so you won’t have to answer them all over again. Of course, your clients are most probably asking you the same questions.

But most importantly, the software which is dubbed as a client management system, works to provide your business with an all-in-one customer support solution including telephone support, website chat, and social network interaction. 

Simpler Service for Small Businesses

The launching of Limdesk also meant they’re going head to head with existing client management services like Zendesk or Freshdesk. However, Limdesk separates itself from the competition by offering a simpler service perfect for small businesses that don’t want the complexities brought about by bigger customer management tools.

The easily accessible database in Limdesk will also help you pull out important information about your clients, products, and services. Even all your questions and answers, as well as telephone recordings are stored and collected from the contact’s history database.

Things You Can Do with Limdesk’s Dashboard

The dashboard presents a summarisation of activities of your business and your team. This can give you a full overview of what’s happening in your company so you and your team can collaborate to solve customer issues.

If you’re looking for client information, you can search for it through the dashboard. The activity tracker also lets you monitor current events and information exchange among your employees. The dashboard also has a built-in analytics to assist you in quickly evaluating the state of your business.