Adobe has once again made every illustrator and designer jumping in excitement with the arrival of the 20 major Creative Cloud updates. The much awaited updates incorporate the launching of Adobe Shape CC– a dream come true for designers who wish to make vector illustrations out of real-life captured objects.

Capturing Shapes that Inspires

Simple yet entertaining to use, Adobe Shape is a new way to capture and create vector shapes on the iPhone whenever something appealing has caught the designer’s eye. Whether one captures an object live with the iPhone camera or selects a captured image from the camera roll, he can create Illustrator-ready vectors that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Illustrator Draw.

The images can easily be edited and refined by the fingertip. Still, the quality of the converted image maintains its high-fidelity when opened with both the mobile and desktop versions of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Using Adobe Shape CC

When inspiration doesn’t sink in immediately, graphic designers can refer to what’s happening on the real world. This world which we live in takes by many forms and shapes that not everyone notices. With Adobe Shape CC, designers as well as illustrators can easily make live vector images from the environment for creating quick mood boards or comps.

Cleaning up images doesn’t require the mastery of a single polishing software tool. Instead, a few strokes with the fingertip can make the job done before conversion. This iPhone app is also built with the same technology used in developing Illustrator for the past years.

Synced Automatically to The Creative Cloud

Once done polishing and editing the jpeg image turned vector illustration, it is then synced to the user’s Creative Cloud profile, and placed in the Design Library which is easily accessible via Adobe Slide and Touch Slide.

Adobe Shape CC is available and free to download from the App Store.