Always in pursuit to continually innovate the e-commerce scene, Shopify is once again rolling out another improvement that will delight mobile shoppers. The e-commerce platform now boasts a new responsive checkout system, which makes mobile shopping a lot easier and faster. Although Shopify is already known for their effective checkout process, which is the best among the crop so far, they still took a big leap to meet the ever growing flock of mobile shoppers.

Resposive Checkout Designed for Mobile

Shopify Responsive Checkout was created to meet the increasing demands for mobile devices. Along with this fact is the need to improve both the UX and UI designs for websites to make them fully optimised for mobile devices. And so Shopify has made a big push for this update to largely capture the online shopping movement.

The Responsive Checkout is designed to fit to different screen sizes so shoppers can enjoy using the checkout system. Another good thing to note is the revamped order summary, which now shifts from the right of the screen to the bottom page so customers won’t have to scroll down farther.

Now, using the smooth and responsive checkout process of Shopify will make you feel like you’re shopping from a native mobile application. The big update released high conversion rates because of the new layout, which beta testers have already attested. 

Shopify Responsive Checkout is Customisable

The new Shopify Responsive Checkout gives shop owners the freedom to tweak some things in the checkout design so it will reflect to their brand image. Easy user design controls are available to give owners the power to customise the look of the checkout page. There’s no need for them to hire developers.

Along with this feature, online shop owners can also upload their own custom header or change the page background color and fonts to match your own online store. This calls for an intensified and consistent branding effort.

Upgrading to Shopify Responsive Checkout

Existing Shopify merchants must use the dashboard in order to preview and upgrade to Responsive Checkout. However, new Shopify merchants will have the new feature automatically running upon setting up their stores.