Applications are more interesting to use with sound. It captures the rush of excitement upon opening an app, it welcomes, it sets the mood, it gets you all pumped up and attuned. Without the audio effects, you’re app is nothing but a moving set of figures and characters torn out of life. We want an app that’s not only visually appealing but also a delight to hear; perfectly designed to keep us engaged into using it.

Audio Kit, the Go To Audio Platform

Audio Kit is a web tool created to provide powerful audio synthesis, processing, and analysis for mobile applications. It’s an open-source audio platform that app developers can freely and easily fork from GitHub. It was founded by a team of audio designers, programmers, and musicians, who want to make the best audio platform for app developers.

Audio Kit Features

Audio Kit has 100+ built-in synthesizers and sound effects including physical models, spectral effects, granular synthesis, filters, and much more. It also has a built-in sampler that lets you record audio streams from a microphone into tracks which you can name, recall, and process immediately.

This audio tool contains a powerful sequencing which contains block of any code that can be triggered any time. It uses a simple coding with audio metaphors- Conductors guiding the Orchestra which produce Instruments that trigger notes. The platform also gives clear steps with naming conventions like Apple, Xcode completion and documentation.

The Audio Kit Program

The Audio Kit Program has a hierarchical structure that has the Manager in the top most of the hierarchy. The Manager is responsible for managing the sound engine and the Orchestra which is then composed of a collection of Instruments. The Instruments has a descriptive set of Properties which uses a plethora of Operations that’s controlled by their Parameters.

The Audio Kit Doc Set is available for download from Audio Kit’s Documentation page. The doc set will give you an Apple-style API as your reference