MailChimp is notably the best web app to create e-commerce newsletters among its competitors. With its useful and fascinating features, people have become better at sending and receiving email campaigns. It’s all about targeting smarter, usually at segments who share our interests. So along with the rise of the mobile market, the creative people at MailChimp developed a more interesting way of sending email promotions- that is, from our phones.

Sending Newsletters & Campaigns in a Snap

MailChimp Snap is an iPhone app created to make newsletter sending easier from the phone. It’s like sharing your photos in Instagram but with the right audience. The process simply prompts the user to open the app, take a picture or grab one from the Camera Roll, add a little title, text, or even a link to the email, and finally send it to subscribers. The user can also manually choose the segment or people who will receive the emails if need be.

Why Use MailChimp Snap?

Sending short email campaign is a no-brainer with MailChimp Snap. Retailers are the ideal market for this app. When a retailer wants to highlight or feature the store’s newest product or sale, it’s just a snap away with her iPhone.

People have already been using Instagram to share their quick shots. A lot of retailers are also using the photo sharing app to advertise their products in a quick and scrollable fashion. But it isn’t really an ideal place for vendors to sell items. That’s what MailChimp aims to be, the very place where marketing products to the right people takes the appeal of Instagram but with a newsletter type twist.

Still Has Limitations

The app is new and bitterly comes with limitations, especially in the customisation aspect. The fact that there are only three templates to choose from compared to its desktop version, MailChimp Snap has a lot more to improve. There’s also no analytics in the app, as well as the ability to create new email lists.

Still, MailChimp Snap tries its best to offer the convenience that retailers need to quickly shout out their campaigns.