Money. It’s something that we work hard to gain, yet carelessly handle. We often look forward to the days when we’d get our hands on these valuable notes, clinging to our desire of spending them to our hearts content once they touch our itching palms. Then, it vanishes the soonest after it appears. Where really is our money going?

If you’ve been scratching your head for so long asking yourself where you’ve spent your money into, you might want to try Clara– the iOS app that will save you from purchasing that unnecessary shiny golf club you’ve been eyeing.

Clara- Your Personal Finance Manager

Clara is an iOS app made to take care of people’s personal finances. This is a very slick app to budget and manage your money so you won’t run into financial problems like a knee-high debt, and other of that head-cracking stuff. You won’t be acting like your throwing your money around again with Clara.

The app was created to address some questions raised by people who always mishandle their finances: Where does my money go? Am I spending that much? How much am I saving lately? Clara looks simple and provides basic analysis tools to help you effectively budget and track your spending rate.

Clara App’s Notable Features

Separating itself from other finance management apps, Clara was built for an effortless data entry. It’s simple to enter your data in Clara, especially with its innovative shortcut system. The entries are then automatically saved without even tapping the ‘Save’ button.

Clara also has flexible categories in which users are given the option to name a category they’d like to add. There is also a feature which users can even add subcategories, for example “Electricity” and “Internet” under “Utility Bills”.

Other features include the use of hashtags to bookmark categories and other records, insights which provide a summary of how much is going in and out, a summary of your savings, recurring fees, and an alternative search box for a quick look up.

Clara Supports Multiple Currencies

Users can choose which currency to use in the app from the Settings page. However, the app does not perform amount conversion from a specific currency to another as of this writing. This helpful functionality is hoped to be included in the next app update.

Clara is available for purchase on iTunes App Store.