For those who receive emails on a daily basis, most of the time, answering them has become a mundane habit. Some people even dread opening their own inboxes because of hectic work schedules, thinking that a cluttered inbox and unanswered emails is a pain to look at.

Robin Labs, a Palo Alto-based startup known for developing a mobile assistant called Robin.AI, has come up with its own promising version of Apple’s Siri. Built around the artificial intelligence technology, Less.Mail by Robin Labs wants to handle your emails so you email less and relax more.

Less.Mail Makes Emailing Dead Easy

Less.Mail is an Android application powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.) to smartly handle your emails and responses through automatic replies or natural voice command. The app goes over to understand the email’s content and announce it loud to the user upon receipt.

Without ever touching the phone to reply, the user can tell the mobile assistant to accept or reject an email invitation or to do other dictated commands through natural language. This functionality is what’s making Less.Mail unique from other mobile assistant apps. Less can also sync email invites to your calendar if you want to. But this is not something new to celebrate about.

Areas Where Less.Mail is Useful

If you’ve watched Less.Mail’s promotional video, it seemed to be too good to be true at the moment. Imagine having this amazing product that works intuitively to manage your emails without you having to lift a finger. Because the product is still new and at its beta or experimental stage, interested app users have to wait for testimonials yet from real app testers/ consumers.

Still, we’ve got this idea of where the app is mostly useful. Since the app creates automatic replies on routine requests or works through natural language dictation, this saves people more time when faced with loads of work to do. It would also be a big help to people with disabilities and could make email organisation a lot easier for those who take long commutes.

Less.Mail is Still in Beta for Android

Robin Labs is slowly accepting request invitations for interested users of the app. Its developers are still developing the app to further cater to a larger audience. If you’re an Android user, you can request Robin Labs to invite you to test Less.Mail before it gets out to Google Play.