We can learn a country’s language and culture by studying them. There are many resources out there to help us just do them. But the best way to learn them is by asking and talking to native language speakers. They help us get a little immersed of a country’s language and culture without appearing to be trying too hard. HiNative by Lang-8 is made to connect us with native speakers so we know how they actually speak and do things.

Learning with the Natives

HiNative is a web and iPhone app that lets users connect and talk with native speakers so they can learn how to use a different language correctly. Users can ask the native speakers everything they want to learn about a particular country.

The app is made with re-established question formats that users can use when asking questions. They’re easy to use and answerable. Simple questions can also be automatically translated to the language of the native speakers. This makes learning other language effective and more natural for daily conversations.

How to Use HiNative

Users can set their native language and the language they desire to learn upon signing up. The app lets you take control of what, how, and when you learn.

Basically, HiNative is a community for language learners. This makes learning cooperative among different cultures all over the world. By using the pre-set questions prepared in HiNative, you can ask native speakers some basic questions about their country or language. Or you can create your own questions for further control.

Because you’ve set your own native language, you’re then prompted to answer questions from others who want to know your language.

Available in App Store

HiNative is free to download on the App Store. You can also use the app on the web and sign up for free using your Twitter, Facebook, Email, or Lang-8 account. The Android version is still under development and will be launched soon.