Coding bootcamps have grown significantly in the US. Programming aspirants have somehow foreseen how programming will play a major role in the next years. And while it isn’t something new in this side of the world, Europe is just starting to build its own coding empire.

Le Wagon is Europe’s newest coding bootcamp that roots a unique take on their initiative: teaching entrepreneurs how to code. That means CEOs and CTOs will undergo intensive training to build their tech ideas from scratch.

Le Wagon Coding School’s Advocacy

Le Wagon is a French coding bootcamp that aims to provide comprehensive coding lessons and training to entrepreneurs. The new institution designed its own learning platform specifically for entrepreneurs who want to shape their ideas by themselves. The whole program only takes two months and has already produced over 100 graduates.

The emergence of tech startups in the mobile era, which is happening these days, has coaxed us to think how the world greatly needs programmers. Most of these startups are powered by programmers who have graduated from coding schools and are funded by powerful investors.

Le Wagon wants to help young business graduates to also become the creators of their business ideas. The school doesn’t want entrepreneurs relying on other people to shape their products into a reality. It wants its participants to work on their ideas, code them from scratch, and take them further however they want.

What Le Wagon Can Offer

Everybody might have the opportunity to learn coding online, but it’s not as effective and fast as Le Wagon does it. Its program also teaches what online learning doesn’t, i.e. the ability to identify real life problems and come up with a pragmatic solution.

On what the company calls a typical day, participants will learn theoretical courses and live-code on real-life examples on a giant screen. Then they’ll be subjected to programming challenges, a quick lunch break, another follow up challenges, and lastly coaching on personal projects during dinner.

Le Wagon’s 9 Week Web-Development Course

In a span of two months, participants will graduate as certified software engineers who have been taught of the industry’s best practices. The courses include Ruby & Rails programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and Github collaboration techniques among others.

The program is pretty expensive but it’s a sure investment for entrepreneurs who want to enter the tech scene. It costs $5,000 US dollars to attend, but it’s one class that can deliver beginners to unlimited opportunities.