We all know that the ultimate destination of our marketing funnels is the conversion point. People’s decisions are often affected throughout its stages. So the need to keep track of our performance throughout the marketing funnel is vital to convert people to buy our offerings. The Kissmetrics Path Report helps you view the journey your customers undergo which leads them up to you.

Actionable Insights for Better Marketing Campaign

Kissmetrics Path Report analyses and optimises the parts of the customer journey before they’re led up to a particular conversion point. This reveals insights of the buying patterns of customers that could help businesses improve their marketing strategies.

Users can choose the start and end points of the customer journey they want to see and analyse.  They are then given the results that show the numbers reflecting the performance of the paths to conversion. The results can be used to upgrade the tactics applied in each series of events that will result to more and higher conversion rates, or shorter conversion time.

What the Path Report Shows

The report basically shows up to 50 paths and the results are shown in numbers which are the necessary information the users really need. Some of the quantitative data produced are: the number of people found from the start to the conversion event, number of conversions from all paths, conversion rate across all path, and the time it took for people to convert on an average.

The Benefits of Using the Path Report

The Path Report generates concise reports that can help users:

  • Discover best series of events that result in a high conversion rate.
  • See how long it takes for customers to convert.
  • Analyse the events in each cycle that move customers to conversion
  • Uncover the best marketing channels for acquiring leads and converting them to customers

Users will no longer dig into massive data just to analyse their campaign performance. The web app will let marketers focus on what’s important than creating multiple funnels for conversion. Now it’s easier to directly concentrate on improving strategies with the results provided by the Path Report.