We’ve seen more mobilisation of web applications this year, including the release of Google’s Analytics app for mobile users. But that introduction didn’t please everybody. The app was only meant to run on Android devices, and so iOS users are left with limited analytics apps from the App Store.

KISSmetrics, the popular business analytics web app, has created a counterpart for Google’s own analytics app on Android. But the app isn’t a rival; instead, it’s an accompanying platform to Google Analytics for iOS users.

My Analytics App Makes Google Analytics Available for iOS Users

My Analytics is an iOS app built by KISSmetrics to make Google Analytics available for iOS users. It’s designed to track Google Analytics from your iOS device when you don’t want to monitor your website activity on desktops.

The My Analytics app lets users view specific data from a certain time period while letting them compare their data from another time. Other mobile apps which use Google Analytics data doesn’t let you do this.

The app also provides users with individual reports including the number of visitors per page, number of unique visitors, amount of pageviews, the goals reached and e-commerce transactions & revenues.

My Analytics App Vs. Google Analytics Mobile App

Since My Analytics app was created as the iOS access tool for the Google Analytics mobile app, you’ll notice that there are slight differences between the two metrics-generating apps.

The Google Analytics app offers other features that are not available in My Analytics. These features include cost per conversion, number of current visitors on a site, daily conversion rates, classification of visitor whether he’s a referral, organic, or a direct visitor, and lastly the ability to compare data over time.

Getting My Analytics App

My Analytics app was created for iOS devices and so it’s fitting to assume that it’s only available for download from the App store. KISSmetrics has not yet expressed their desire to make other versions of the app for Android and Windows users, but it’s something to consider in the future.