Private clouds make for a more secured and safe data within company firewalls. A lot of internal IT administrators are borrowing the concept and structure of public cloud service providers in building their own private cloud. Because the implementing organisation is required to run and manage its own private cloud, resources are often left exhausted to none.

Joyent, a public and private cloud service provider which offers extensive cloud solutions, wants to share the economics behind their platform’s structure to internal IT organisations. The company’s initiatives may primarily be about giving the main stacks out, but we can also assume that they’re driven toward the usage of their management platform.

Joyent’s Open Source Container-Based Technology

Joyent SmartDataCenter 7 was rolled out to offer the compelling dismal science of modular solutions like OpenStack and CloudStack, but differentiates itself by providing an all in one solution to companies. Joyent’s Private cloud has put up a lot of promising benefits for its users as it provides compute, networking, and appliance-based solutions, as well as Joyent Manta- a scalable object storage service.

Joyent SmartDataCenter 7 is becoming a more visible alternative than its counterparts as they vehemently back up Node.js for their open source server. The private cloud management platform is designed to counter the problems faced by IT admins when using virtual machines for their stored data, by replacing the machines with a more lightweight and container-based virtual storage within the enterprise.

Joyent SmartDataCenter 7 Key Features

The private cloud platform also uses the same software used in running and operating the Joyent Public Cloud. It holds a few features including:

— Ease of Deployment: Create a complete production implementation in a matter of hours.

— Easy to Operate & Scale: Seamlessly add capacity on demand by the use of node or with a one-click expansion.

— Easy to Upgrade: Upgrade components without disrupting service.

— 100% Container- Based: Container-ready IaaS for Docker application containers

— Open Source: the SmartDataCenter helps developers develop their systems through the open source community.

Trusted by Large Companies Worldwide

Joyent Private Cloud is actively used by industry leaders who want to use a high-performance cloud infrastructure and data services provider at a lesser cost. The company is trusted to power and secure the companies’ global security intelligence system, something that’s complex and perplexing when you want a fast performance service.