Almost everyone we know loves travelling. It’s the memories of immersing to new places and meeting interesting people that make the journey worthwhile. There’s also the desire to share what we’ve encountered during those enthralling moments. Yet, amid the exciting experience, our minds are blocked at how we’re going to present and share these invaluable information to everyone we know. Journi, the newest travel app on iPhone, hopes to be the go-to app in logging everybody’s travel details, be it on or offline.

The Hippest Travel Journal of the 21st Century

Journi is an iPhone app that offers the easiest way to record everyone’s trips. Users can take notes and photos using the travel blogging app. It then arranges the content by place and time so by the time the user goes online, he can readily share his experiences to friends and family. The app’s backup feature automatically backups all the trip entries and stores them in the cloud.

The travel app was designed to suit to the needs of travelers who always don’t have the necessary internet connection to keep the people on the loop of their activities. Though the app doesn’t immediately inform others of the user’s trip details when offline, it effectively records the notes, captured photos, and geographic locations of users to create incredible travel documentation.

Shareable Travel Blog through Journi

Friends and family can directly follow the user’s trips and receive updates when possible. This also makes them travel virtually with the app user. They’ll be on the loop with what he’s experiencing be it via the mobile app, the web, or even in email.

Travel updates can be shared through Facebook and Twitter. Or if one wants privacy about the special moments he encountered, he can keep them for himself.

Journi’s Other Cool Features

Journi has a neat and nice user interface. This makes recording journal entries simple and stress-free. The app features 14 travel categories designed to suit every moment experienced on the trip. It also has 10 Smileys to express moods during the trip and more than 250 unique country stamps.

Journi is available on the App Store for free.