While we’re still not sure on what collaboration tool to use among the many existing ones today, another Korean startup called Jandi is entering the market with the same features we’re all familiar with. Just as we thought we don’t need another option to think about, Jandi wants to tell you that you can use the web app forever for free. That is, if you’re willing to take the bait.

Jandi- Korean-Based Enterprise Collaboration Tool

Jandi is a web and mobile application tool which helps teams to collaborate and share files within the app efficiently. The app runs across different devices and platforms including PC, iOS, and Android. The app also sits on the cloud so users can check their communication anytime and anywhere.The app is also putting much focus into their localisation as it supports local Asian languages.

Although it offers the same features to service its users, Jandi claimed in its official website that the app is forever free to use. Of course, who doesn’t like free stuff? But until recently, after the announcement of a successful round of funding, its creators has considered adopting a freemium model in the future to monetise the app.

Jandi’s Top Local Competitors

Jandi currently may not go head to head against established brands in the west like Evernote Business and Google Drive, but it can find potential competitors in the Asian market. It has to crush other Asian consumer messaging apps like WeChat, Line, Kakao, and WhatsApp which are also used by businesses in communicating their projects across the team.

The company is planning to integrate Evernote Business, Google Drive, Asana, and other big collaboration tools in its app to gain more users and to create an all-in-one platform for work-related matters.

Jandi Has Offices in Asia

Jandi has already established its main offices in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan upon launching their open beta. All the features in the app support local languages for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. This assures that the company can quickly respond to local customers for support.