These are the things which sometimes occur when you’re being careless in Instagram: You run the app on your iPhone, snap your unassuming, sleeping cat from a distance, select a warm filter to establish a lazy afternoon ambiance, type a caption with a ‘typo’ saying how cute your cat is when in fact you’ve seen it as Satan’s spawn, and hit the publish button. Then, the world will see how a random cat’s photo is murdered with a single typo from Ms. CatLover123.

You can’t undo what has been done. Now the world knows you’re not as perfect as you claim to be. It’s all because you don’t have an edit button, or do you? Well, you do have now with Instagram’s latest update!

Instagram Now Allows You To Edit Photo Caption

With Instagram’s latest update, you can now edit that typo error you’ve been itching to change since day 1 of using the app. Instagram users have been requesting this functionality from its developers. Now you can go back and edit the caption of your photo. A typo is inexcusable in a world where you’re being judge instantly the second after you tap that share button.

The edit option is located just below the image. Tap the button to edit your caption the instant you see text errors. Unlike Facebook, you can’t view the edit history of your caption, which is basically a good thing.

The Facebook-owned app has admitted that the option should have been right there from the start, but they’ve feared people will would bait-and-switch each other on the photo-sharing platform.

Instagram’s People tab Let’s You Discover People.

The People tab, which is another addition in the latest version, is a feature that would enable you to discover interesting people in your niche. This highlights the best Instagram users such as professional photographers or fashion photo bloggers and three of their recent pics. The move makes Instagram somehow akin to content-focused sites such as YouTube and Vine among others.

Suggested accounts in the People tab appear based on different factors including who you follow, who you’re connected to, and what you like on Instagram. The app is using smart algorithms to disseminate suggestions based on these factors and not on the most favorites.

The People tab can be seen when you tap on the “Explore” button. The “Explore” button has also been changed to a magnifying glass icon. So when you tap the icon, you’re shown two options: Photos and People tabs.

Getting Instagram’s Latest Updates

You can get Instagrams latest updates by manually updating the app from your device or downloading it via Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Even though the updates won’t be a big hit for new users, they’re sure to interest the app’s existing users. The caption editor was once the most in demand requests by Instagram’s millions of users.