If you’ve already come across the term Bitcoin, then you might have second doubts whether it will change the value of our tangible currencies. It’s definitely a new and rather acceptable currency in the online world. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, or most commonly known as a virtual or electronic currency. Some businesses are already open to the idea of accepting Bitcoins as payment for purchases.

If you’re interested to earn Bitcoins while it’s still on its way up, it’s better to invest now to double its value in the future. And one way of earning these coveted coins is through applying for jobs in Bitcoin startups. HoneyBadgr will help find these companies for you to start earning.

Receive Bitcoin Opportunities with Honeybadgr

Honeybadgr is a web app aimed at helping Bitcoin enthusiasts to start connecting with Bitcoin startups for employment. These companies are looking for talents who are eager to get paid in Bitcoins in exchange for their skills, whether they’re in social media marketing or web development. Those who are interested in the potential of the Bitcoin currency can work full-time once Honeybadgr will connect them to a Bitcoin startup.

The web app will curate the existing opportunities for you in private so you’ll only have to talk to companies that interest you. Until you’ve found the company that’s right for you, everything will remain confidential.

How does Honeybadgr Work

Honeybadgr works as a middleman whose goal is to introduce to these companies that pay in Bitcoins. These companies are gathered only for you based from your skills, background, and interests.

You can join Honeybadgr by creating a private profile first so the app will know which company suits you best. The more information you provide, the more it finds specific opportunities for you. Then, when you’ll finally find your match, the app will then setup a one-on-one chat between you and the company’s key person for negotiation or interview.

Honeybadgr Changes the Way We Transact

As controversial as it may seem, Bitcoins have already earned the trust of some merchants, allowing for this kind of payment scheme to circulate in their stores. There are also many Bitcoins provider out there where you can purchase them. But Honeybadgr help you earn them, not buy them.

The current value per Bitcoin is now at $329.11 as of this writing. Imagine earning more Bitcoins with this equivalent amount from companies willing to give them.