Businesses spend a lot of their resources intensifying their marketing efforts. Whether it’s on the maintenance of their products’ websites or printing a plethora of marketing collateral for mass distribution, the effects somehow only produce a little impact to their sales.

Highspot, a Seattle-based startup, wants companies to think critically first before deploying their marketing strategies to the public. Now companies can avoid wasting their resources to the wrong channels. Highspot will clear the path for companies to implement their strategies and drive them to significant revenue growth.

Highspot Optimises Marketing and Sales Pitches

Highspot is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that aims to drive sales into a company through optimising sales pitches and content. The startup will help marketers and sales professionals identify which content will appeal to a market segment and to potential customers.

The company offers end-to-end analytics to arm marketers with the most effective content. The platform also provides an intelligent portal so sales and marketing teams can easily find, share, and repurpose the best content.

How Does Highspot Deliver Results

For Highspot to identify the best content to engage the customers, the company will score and recommend content, delivers real-time alerts on how customers receive the content, and provides powerful analytics so companies can optimise their content and sales pitches in sealing more deals.

Highspot’s Content Analytics provides a great platform to track down content performance across the sales cycle. This includes the usage and performance of content to get an overview of how content is being used by the sales team and customers. Every member of the team can access the data in real-time so each can map out the buyer’s journey at every sales stage.

Highspot Pricing Plans

Each organisation has a different approach on how it will engage people into their marketing funnel. And so Highspot is offering flexible pricing rates depending on every organisation’s needs.

The Basic package is for free which can be applicable for starting individuals and small teams. The Business package is great for marketing and sales teams as it enables them to work together effectively for only $30 per month. Meanwhile, the enterprise package offers the complete features of the platform which can be availed under negotiations.