Before or after we read a book online, some of us would go to Goodreads and share our insight and review about it. It’s like the Rotten Tomatoes of books, or IMDb for that matter. But what if we could also make our reading experience more social while we’re still reading?

Share and Discuss While Reading

Here’s Glose, a new ebook reader that lets you share your reading experience while you read. This may not be new as this basically looks like Kindle apps at first glance. But wait until you subscribe, you’ll be saying it is better.

Glose is optimised for your phone, tablet, and desktop. The new ebook reader gives you the opportunity to share your experiences in a form of annotations, highlighted quotes, and comments. You can then discuss and compare your input with other readers of the same book. So it’s really like a small social network for book lovers.

The platform also has the a little similarity with the Brazilian startup Widbook when it comes to making a social environment for readers, but Glose only features published books by large publishing houses like HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Macmillian and more. Widbook on the other hand supports indie writers, same with its top competitor Wattpad.

It goes to say that the books available in Glose are for sale. Currently it has over 300, 000 books available for purchase, whereby prices are highly competitive with Kindle Store, and iBooks Store.

Glose User Interface

Like any other new platforms coming out, Glose sports a clean and sleek interface which is also responsive. The app, which is still available on iOS devices and the web, allows you to create your own profile. When running the app, you’ll see your latest highlights and annotations in your profile page, whilst seeing people’s comments on your highlights.

The store where books are stuffed neatly over a white background features an array of books for sale, organized by category. There’s also a few books offered for free.

Currently, the reading experience is pretty simple as the platform still has limited customisations open for users. The app won’t allow you to change your font except for the size.

Glose Business Model

Glose is using a traditional business model. The strategy is to first position the published ebooks from major publishers to consumers, much like what Amazon is doing. The company doesn’t also offer unlimited subscription like other emerging ebook readers.

For now, users will have to try Glose not just to purchase ebooks but to also experience the community built around books.