At the start of each day, we want to be the first to know the latest happenings. That’s why newspapers are delivered at the crack of dawn on our doorsteps. Since the initial launch of Flipboard, the most popular media-aggregating app, discovering news from all range of topics and categories has become a convenience. What started as a tablet-centered app is now even made better for smartphones with its latest version Flipboard 3.0.

Flipboard 3.0 Gets Bigger and Better

Flipboard 3.0 is the upgraded edition of the popular digital magazine app Flipboard. The new version is using Zite’s technology to make content curation more personal and fresh for users. Zite, for those who are not familiar with it, was CNN’s mobile news recommendation service which was acquired by Flipboard this year.

With Flipboard’s update, the focus is somewhat shifted from tablets to smartphones. People are now embracing the rise of smartphones to get updates and engaging content. Because of this phenomenon, the company has redesigned Flipboard’s UI to simplify their content curation and presentation for mobile optimisation.

New Features Added to Flipboard 3.0

The latest app upgrade unleashed a great feature called “topics” picker in which users can dig deep through Flipboard base from what interests them. Currently, there are 34,000 topics on the app from different categories, ranging from broad categories to niche topics. With the picker feature, users can search specific items on Flipboard.

The app also filters all user-generated digital magazines to find the best ones which are tailored to the interest of users. App users can follow magazines or users with similar interest to theirs, as well as the option to view a content collection from the people they follow on social networks.

Flipboard’s Editors’ Pick News

There’s also another feature which deviates a little from the core application of Flipboard called the The Daily Edition. News articles in The Daily Edition are less personal since they’re collected by Flipboard’s editors and are more into the biggest headlines of the day. The news is delivered every seven o’clock in the morning to easily sift through the most important news that users should know.