Chinese company Megvii has built an app that would somehow catch the attention of startups from the west coast. As popularly seen in futuristic movies, we often see people log in to their private accounts or enter an establishment using a face detector. Traditionally speaking, it’s been used for criminal control and security access.

Clearly, it’s what the people behind these movies are envisioning for the future. Although not the first company to do such, Megvii has taken their own product a notch higher. 

What is Face++

Face++ is an advanced software platform which is used in face detection. It’s built around a cutting-edge face detection technology on the cloud. The app provides an API which enables people to embed their advanced face recognition, detection, and analysis into their own apps or websites.

How Does Face++ Work

The software uses computer vision and data mining to detect, recognise, and analyse faces. The service also has a large database of celebrity faces that gives you the images of the famous people who look like you.

Face++ technology gives fast and accurate functions in detecting faces. The technology can detect a face both from an image and video no matter what position or illumination the face has.

The app has the ability to detect faces 20 frames per second on mobile device support and 16×16 pixel face area. When Face++ API is integrated into photo capturing apps, it can detect the face even before taking photos.

Face++ Offers Free API for Developers

Although API is not the first in the market to offer such service, it’s so far the best to have come out recently. Face++ is providing comprehensive face recognition service in both API and SDK so developers can either develop or integrate the feature into their apps.

Many apps are already using Face++ service including Lenovo, iOS and Android games, photo capturing and beautification apps, as well as dating websites.