Evercontact, the web app which automatically updates address books and CRMs, has come up with a new app for iOS users. Yes, the intelligent contact scouring tool is now on smartphones to help you automatically save contact details from your emails to your phone contacts.

Evercontact, which acts a personal assistant, silently works in the background and analyses signatures in emails and automatically and constantly updates the contact details into your Google contacts. The tool became a big hit for Gmail, Outlook, Chrome, and CRM solutions like Salesforce, Zoho, and more.

Evercontact for iOS

The new Evercontact app is the iOS version of the web cloud-based solution which is known to automatically create and continually update address books. The app scans incoming email for email signatures and pulls them out to add the contact details in address books or CRM.

The application has all the features of its browser counterpart and now lets users manage their entire address book from their smartphones. You can now enjoy contact updates from anywhere and anytime as the application detects all the relevant contact information like phone numbers, name, address, company, role, and social media profiles in the cloud. There’s no need for you to copy-paste your contacts anymore.

Evercontact Key Features

• -Continuous update of relevant contact information: phone number, name, address, company, role, social media profiles, etc.

• -Internationalization of phone numbers

• -Personalized alerts for new contact information (via email or notification)

• -Share contact information with new contacts by sending an AddMe link

• -Update an entire address book overnight by analyzing all email archives up to 5 years back (see the Flashback service)

• -Aggregating contacts data from multiple email addresses into a single “master” address book

Evercontact Pricing

The new iOS app is free for Evercontact premium users, though there’s a 1 month trial for non-users which allows them to access all Evercontact features through their iPhones. The application is free to download on the Apple App Store.