Not all data scientists are very technical about how they set up their data for analysis. They’re just mere thinking individuals who see through the data’s worth so they can create actionable insights from them. There are better things worthy of their attention than being very technical about the complex data software their employers are using.

Vero Analytics Offers Advanced Analytics

Vero Analytics is an advanced analytics platform which offers intelligent tools to visualising complex data. It has an easy-to-use point and click interface for non-technical analysts so they’d focus more on data questions rather than structuring the data.

Having an intelligent system, Vero Analytics knows where to find data when you indicate where to find it. Then Vero will take the initiative to go over the data for you to visualise.

Vero utilises automated SQL (Structured Query Language) queries and multi-step complex queries so you can divide your data in complex ways and apply multi-layered set filters. The datasets can then be easily integrated into Tableau, Qlikview, or Excel.

The Vero Knowledge Graph

Vero uses an engine called Vero Knowledge Graph which works silently in the backdrop of everything else. Whenever you input entries and continually use Vero, the said engine learns constantly; thus, it keeps getting smarter and better.

The feature also provides a way to collaborate with your team, so you can all agree and come up with unified metrics which will represent the visualisations. But although a team member can request changes in a definition of the team’s shared definitions, Vero will automatically send out notifications first for approval of the said request. This makes data visualisation more efficient.

Final Thoughts on Vero Analytics

Vero Analytics takes the pain away from data scientists as it’s easy, simple, and intuitive to use. The platform wants you to focus more on the interpretation of data rather than engineering it, because that’s just how an analyst does it without friction.

The advanced analytics platform will be released on an upcoming private beta. It has recently received seed funding from angel investors and LaunchCapital worth $500,000.