It was not long ago that Microsoft has announced a partnership with Dropbox to amplify its office suite usability. The announcement had Dropbox users anticipate the collaboration the most, expecting to finally edit their saved files within Dropbox using the integration from Microsoft Office.

Dropbox Collaborates With Microsoft Office for Easier File Editing

Just recently, Dropbox and Microsoft’s integration have been realised both for Android and iOS Dropbox applications. Now, Dropbox users can edit the files saved within the cloud storage app while they’re on-the-go. Also, when creating or opening a file in Microsoft, users can have direct access to Dropbox to save the file.

To use the newest feature, users should update the app first on their mobile devices. Currently, the latest version of Dropbox only supports Office document, spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation store in the app.

How Does the Integration Work

The new edit feature in Dropbox can be found on the bottom right of the screen. Simply click the new “Edit” icon to quickly make the switch from Dropbox to Office’s new mobile suite to start editing. The changes will be automatically saved to Dropbox.

Also, users can retrieve and open a file saved in Dropbox directly from the Office app.

An Unlikely but Positive Partnership

The partnership between Microsoft and Dropbox was unexpected and unlikely, owing to the fact that Microsoft has its own cloud storage service called OneDrive. But Microsoft has recognised early on how Dropbox’s millions of users can boost their market share, so the partnership became a necessity for the former.

Dropbox recently has grown its user base enormously with over 80, 000 paying businesses and a hundreds of millions of users. It’s just something that Microsoft’s OneDrive is struggling to surpass. Still, the tech giant doesn’t want to lose in the business game and decided that they’ll instead partner Office 365 with Dropbox. After all, the said mobile office suite has the powerful capabilities that other office applications don’t have, and the idea of making it bigger is utterly possible with Dropbox.

Somehow, if you look at the other side of things, Dropbox also needs Microsoft Office to make this in-demand editing feature alive.