3D enthusiasts and game developers can now take delight upon Sketchfab’s announcement of making their site as a repository for 3D printables. The download option is what the web app users are all waiting for. Sketchfab, for those who are not familiar with it, is a platform for publishing, sharing, and embedding interactive 3D content. The only feature the app is lacking is the download button.

Sketchfab, the Largest Model Repository on the Web

Along with the announcement of making the uploaded 3D models downloadable, Sketchfab has also announced its 200,000th 3D model in the site. The platform is making itself known to be the leading 3D models source on the web.

Unlike in the past, Sketchfab is only a place for individuals to upload their 3D works and a source for those who want to embed the items into their sites. With the emergence of 3D printers, the need for integrating the download button into the site became clearer. There’s an ongoing demand in this industry as well as from the gaming community.

Downloadable Models under Creative Commons

Not all 3D models are downloadable though. Only those items which the owners have put under the Creative Commons licenses can be downloaded.

The app is also supporting a variety of 3D formats depending on which software you will use. You can export the downloaded files from Photoshop, Blender, and Modo. You can also customise the look of the 3D items once you import them into your own editing software.

Sketchfab Partners with Several Entities

Sketchfab has teamed with several entities to produce more 3D models into the site, including the British Museum. It’s one of the first partners to offer their collections for download and print to the public. The British Museum took interest on the approach because they want people to interact with their existing collections.

Other interesting 3D models come from Sketchfab’s partnership with notable companies such as HTC, Microsoft, and Formlabs, as well as fashion designers and nonprofit organisations.