If you ask an average internet surfer how many tabs he opens every day on average, his answer might be 10 as with most people asked with the same question. Now here’s the most innovative thing about opening multiple tabs, you can now turn them into donations to charities. Yes, you can donate without having to spend a dime just by opening tabs in your browsers.

Tab for a Cause, a charity organisation once founded by two recent college grads, is the new ‘it’ in making the world a better place to live. The organisation has donated tens of thousands of dollars to pre-selected charity causes, so you’re guaranteed that results are tangible and legit.

Donate with Opened Tabs

Tab for a Cause is basically a browser extension, either in Chrome or Mozilla, which if installed will donate a tenth or fifth of a cent every time you open a new tab in the browser. The catch is, once you open a new a tab, you’ll see information about the charities supported by the organisation as well as a few advertisements.

Tab for a Cause Works with Ad Networks

Advertisements are vital for Tab for a Cause to operate since it receives money from advertising partners which is given to chosen charities. These companies pay for the advertisement spot in your browser. 90% of the money collected is donated while the rest are for operational costs for the team.

On the new tab, you can see a couple of banner ads in the corner. To enable this, make sure that you’ve disabled your adblockers for the site domain. You will then start earning Hearts which are the currency you earn for opening tabs and referrals. Donating a heart means you’re casting a vote for money to be given to your selected charity.

Charities Supported

Tab for a Cause supports a few preselected charities. Currently, the organisation supports Water.org, Room to Read, Human Rights Watch, Educate, Conservation International, the International Peace Institute and Save the Children.

The organisation is still working on a system which would allow users to select any charity they want to help.