Analysing big raw data is a pain to think about for most business analysts. The goal is to transform that boring data into sensible information that’s readable and interesting to look at. There’s a plethora of solutions out there which makes raw data visually beautiful, but not a few could match DataRPM’s ability to analyse and handle big data in the easiest way possible.

DataRPM- Your Big Data’s Partner

DataRPM uses the smart machine analytics to analyse big data. The cognitive computing technology employed by the platform allows business to transform data into visually-appealing charts accompanied by plain English descriptions. This is to ensure that businessmen can easily share the data with others and talk about them without a hitch.

How Does DataRPM Work

DataRPM enables Automatic Data Modeling from disparate data sources using the cognitive algorithms, taking away the need to manually create complex data storage. The data is modeled into a Computational Search Graph stored in a smart data lake. This prompts business users to do ad hoc and cross-source data analysis simultaneously.

The platform also provides a Google-like experience with their Natural Language Question and Answer interface which allows anyone in the business to talk directly to their data in a natural way, and immediately receive automatic visualised answers.

The company uses a marketing campaign they call Sherlock Holmes. The iconic fictional character was the world’s smartest sleuth in pop culture, turning raw data into greatest discoveries in the crime scene. Like Sherlock Holmes, DataRPM wants the people in the enterprise to be like him and come up with meaningful and useful conclusions from their data without learning how to code or enter queries.

DataRPM’s Unique Selling Proposition

DataRPM is in competition against IBM Watson Analytics and it differs much from the latter. DataRPM boasts on their end-to-end full stack solution designed from scratch by its developers unlike IBM. The IBM Watson Analytics only took the natural language parsing layer from the original Watson smart machine and rehashes its SPSS data modeler, Catalyst and other features of the solution as well.

DataRPM was awarded as the Best New Big Data Solution by the American Business Awards and Cool Vendor in Content and Social Analytics by Gartner just this year.