When finding ways of minimising marketing costs for your business, you always pick those providers who offer the free stuff. Similar to building a Facebook application or campaign, the first design tool that comes to mind would be App Builder. But the said app only offers limited and comical templates, those that you’re not giddy to use for your Facebook campaigns.

iFrapp, an application design tool, gives users more of what App Builder can offer. Aside from the sleek and modern templates to improve your Facebook applications, iFrapp also is a tool for building online and mobile landing pages.

Get to Know iFrapp

iFrapp is an application design tool that allows users to create stunning, engaging Facebook applications and campaigns. The builder offers tools to help users build their brands and explore possibilities through designing and publishing campaign pages for your online ads in only a few minutes.

It lessens the time spent by users in scouring over the internet for tools to help them create their online campaigns such as content designer or poll application. In this way, they can focus more on connecting to their customers. And although iFrapp and App Builder have the same purpose, they’re entirely different when it comes to their offerings.

How to Use iFrapp

It’s simple to set up your online marketing campaigns in iFrapp. You can either access iFrapp through its official website or directly through Facebook. The app’s landing page lets users choose to manage their applications they’ve already created or build something new from there. Users can also create deals, coupons, sweepstakes, promotions, and much more.

Start creating a page by choosing a template color or uploading a background picture. You can then add features such as videos, a like button, images, or a send form. After the design process, users will only have to upload an icon, name the app, and choose which fan page it will be integrated before hitting the publish button.

iFrapp is a Premium Design Tool

Unlike the free App Builder, iFrapp comes with a cost as seen in its superior features. When signing for the tool, you’re given a 10-day free trial. After that, you’ll be presented with different payment options. You can gain access to all features with each option but the number of app made can be determined depending on the package availed.