When creating marketing campaigns, most of us want to know how our campaigns are performing through clicks and impressions done by people. But seldom do these actions result into the attainment of our goals, which is driving engagement and real user actions.

Now you can target the right people well and make them engage into your brand with Gleam. Attracting your next loyal customers has never been this better.

Gleam Will Grow Your Email List

Gleam is an actionable marketing application which was made to help businesses and organisations drive more engagement to your website. Gleam’s goal is to create complex marketing campaigns that are effective enough to get people performing specific onsite actions in exchange for an incentive in a form of prize or reward.

In the platform, you can easily view the traffic sources, languages, locations, and others upon showing your different email capture forms. You can also track user behavior such as the number of pages being viewed and your bouncing rate.

Before running your campaigns or competitions, you can perform A/B tests to asses which campaign or opt-in form is working best in a particular scenario, and the benefits reap with just a few changes.

Gleam Rewards Completed User Actions

Gleam gives opportunities for users to get a reward for completing some predefined actions, like a raffle code for liking your page on Facebook. This marketing strategy is proven to drive more sales and engagement to a lot of participants. Your participants can learn in various ways and you even have the power to decide how they can unlock that reward. Of course, who doesn’t want free stuff just by doing a no-brainer action?

Some businesses would rather give their incentives if you complete a survey about their products and services or provide testimonials. In this way, you’ll also be given insights on how people are reacting about your brand and do something to improve it.

Integrations with Gleam

Gleam can be integrated with a number of major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, and more. It also works with notable email, CRM, analytics, and CMS providers such as MailChimp, Salesforce, Shopify, Bitly, and a lot of others.

Gleam also has a WordPress plugin which allows you to add competitions to your blog using a short code.