Running a business requires a lot of data analysis and interpretation. Presenting a set of data as a whole and in an understandable fashion is another story. Not everyone can make engaging data visualisation, especially if everyone’s busy about more important things. But sometimes, the charts we make from our data can impress people we do business with. ChartBlocks is a tool to help you create professional-looking charts in a jiffy.

What is ChartBlocks

ChartBlocks is a web-based platform that allows users to easily create embeddable and shareable charts in an instant. It’s dubbed as the easiest chart builder app in the world. Charts made in ChartBlocks can be done in a few minutes with no coding required.  The chart builders and designers help users choose from dozens of chart types and customise them according to the users’ needs.

How to Use ChartBlocks

The data used in building the charts from any sources including spreadsheets, databases and even live feeds. These data should be imported into the chart builder. The app also helps users choose the correct part of the data to be used in a chart.

ChartBlock’s chart builder wizard helps users create almost any kind of charts. The app provides amazing tools that are easy to use in building charts quickly. Customising the charts is also available so users can have control over every element on the chart like the colors, sizes, and fonts. One can also add grids and change number of ticks on the axes.

Cool Embeddable and Shareable Charts

The charts, which are built using HTML5 are responsive and works on any device and browsers. Because of D3.js, the charts made can be rendered as scalable vector graphics so they can be used both in print or embedded on websites. The exported vector graphics are editable in Adobe Illustrator and other graphics software.

The charts can also be shared and integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.