Greg Pollack’s brainchild Code School, the e-learning platform for studying a wide array of programming and web designing skills, has an iOS app that compliments its online in-browser courses. It’s a timely offering from one of the world’s most popular code-learning programs, noting that people now rely on everything mobile.

Mobile Learning at Code School

The Code School app, is a mobile coding and web designing program which is built to only compliment Code School’s online desktop version. The mobile learning experience can be accessed through iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running on iOS 7 and onward.

The app was conceived to meet the demands of developers from all levels of expertise. It adheres to the concept of learning while on-the-go whilst tackling the difficulty and length of learning web development (which needs to be repetitive).

What’s in Store for Code School Developers

The new iOS app delivers over 300 video courses on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS, and Git, as well as other developer tools. Not all video tutorials are for free, but premium subscribers can unlock all video courses without a hitch.

While it’s fun to create games and apps in Code School’s website programming challenges, Code School’s iOS app doesn’t support this feature. Since its code challenges involve real-life coding simulations in accordance to the instructional videos, the developers have opted to let the feature stay in their in-browser code editor on the desktop.

Getting Started with Code School iOS App

All the video courses can be downloaded from the Code School iOS app so developers can learn web developing at their most convenient time even without the internet provision. On the other hand, app users can also stream the videos directly to the device for online viewing.

The courses are ordered by topic, which is suitable for users who want a clear guide through Code School’s learning Path. For accessing all video courses, users can avail the premium subscription which is priced at $29 a month.