Coda for Mac is an all-in-one web development tool for hand-coding websites. It’s a very powerful tool that acts as Mac’s best text editor which also generates pixel-perfect previews. Coda is every developer’s partner to a better code editing and file management on the web. The latest version of Panic’s Coda, which is Coda 2.5 is going to delight its avid users and new ones alike.

The Latest Update for Coda 2

Coda 2.5 is a very significant update for Panic. The company has made the app operate to its optimum speed and efficiency. Syntax highlighting now runs from 4 to 10 times faster than the previous. Symbol parsing also takes 10 times faster. The app now also allows local indexing that autocompletes functions, classes, and variables from local files. The column guides can also be customised and the visual tabs have become color-coded.

Coda’s Preferences also allows users to handle existing plugins and discover new ones in it. In addition, monitoring and publishing files edited outside Coda are now possible. There’s also a Save and Publish shortcut added. There are other great and useful updates like the Panic Sync and CSS overriding.

Coda 2.5, Not Available in Mac App Store

Coda 2.5 ran some issues with Apple regarding sandboxing. Its developers stated that the latest version of Coda is very complex to the extent that it can’t meet Apple’s sandboxing restrictions. As a result, it won’t be coming to the Mac App Store.

The apps in the App store are required to be sandboxed for security purposes. However, Coda 2.5 doesn’t work when sandboxed. No matter how Apple’s developers provide alternatives and workarounds to temporarily fix the issues, the app still won’t work. Time constraints kept Panic from fixing their sandboxing issues, so they’ve released Coda 2.5 on their own.

No Worries for Coda 2 Users

For those who purchased Coda 2 in the App Store, there’s no need to worry. The previous version still works but to upgrade in Coda 2.5, users can directly upload it from Panic’s website. It’s even free of charge. Because Coda isn’t in App Store anymore, it has developed the Panic Sync in replacement for iCloud.