Creating a powerful yet static website can come at a great cost. There are just expenses in web development that can’t be avoided. The most expensive perhaps is the hosting aspect for a website, then there’s the pay to give to backend experts. But what if these issues can be solved with just the power of the cloud? Cloud Cannon is perhaps every designer’s wish come true. It simply eliminates all our hosting issues with the cloud.

Dropbox- Powered CMS

Cloud Cannon is a CMS created for designers and clients to easily create static website using Dropbox. Designers who are knowledgeable and can work with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other static content can greatly benefit from Cloud Cannon.

You will only have to put their files into a Dropbox folder and the platform will do the rest of the job. It saves you from all the hosting problems while making the site easily editable by the client through Dropbox or directly in the browser. Clients can edit the site’s content as well as add additional media in it like images. However, the content part can only be editable if you put a class=”editable” div to the HTML.

How Does Cloud Cannon Work?

Cloud Cannon uses Dropbox’s API to integrate the cloud storage platform to its system. Contrary to most beliefs, the company doesn’t really use Dropbox’s server infrastructure because there are some restrictions for public folders. Dropbox is sufficient enough to act as an interface for the site’s components since the site is static.

You can build your website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then transfer or copy the files using FTP, Dropbox, or Drag and Drop. Next, select particular areas on the website which are updatable so you and your client can make updates on the site. Finally, changes made are automatically updated on the website even after publishing.

Some Cool Features

There are many benefits that you can get from Cloud Cannon aside from lowering web development expenses. The CMS’ features also include the compression of websites as well as their optimisation for better search rankings. There’s really no programming required to make this all live.