Admit it. Spreadsheets are boring to look at, even if you’re technically-inclined of using it and are fond of numbers. What’s more, it’s not that mobile friendly. No one likes to view spreadsheets from their handheld devices. Yet, it’s one of the most important documentation you could ever present to lay out and quantify your data to others.

So how can you make spreadsheet data sharing as interesting as sharing your moments on Facebook? It’s now time to present Chartcube.

Chartcube- A New App for Data Visualisation

Chartcube is a web app that turns plain spreadsheet data into amazing graphic visualisation optimised for mobile viewing. This makes data sharing and discussion for the on-the-go entrepreneur easier when using a mobile device. The charts presented are straightforward and simple, yet very responsive and customisable.

Basically, Chartcube takes the data from imported excel spreadsheets to make metrics and groupings.  The spreadsheets can be uploaded through the Mail app or directly from Dropbox. The app then creates and presents a wide array of charts to choose from. Each chart represents the same data but with different views. They can be navigated by a turntable cube interface to make data presentation more interesting.

How Does Chartcube Identify Data

Chartcube uses complex algorithms to make assumptions about the data to create charts from an excel spreadsheet. As an example, the algorithms assume that numbers are metrics and text headings are dimensions, or if there is a relationship between them. Once swiped horizontally, you can change the metric and swiping vertically changes the dimension.

The app is also integrated with AirPlay support so it can be easy to give public presentations and simple viewing of data on a larger screen.

Still Betting on People’s Response

Although the app is good for enterprises, and is possibly aimed for them to use, Chartcube focuses on delivering the app to individual users to see how they’re going to respond to the product. The company is still planning on using a freemium model to also slowly prepare themselves for enterprise consumers in the future.

Chartcube is available for free in the iTunes Store.