Entrepreneurs need to be social. Along with that is the initiative to be well-informed about the person you’re going to meet. But you’re always busy, almost 90% of your time. Creating time for researching your prospective clients is left to oblivion. Not all budding entrepreneurs can afford to hire a personal assistant to do the task. Luckily, a web app called Charlie is taking the character of a research assistant to help you score that big client.

Charlie App Saves the Day

Charlie, is a web application that harnesses the power of data stored in the internet to gather the most important and relevant information about a person on the web. It researches and filters through thousands of thousands of sources for information about the client you’re going to meet next. The app will then send a one page email reminder and intelligence related to that person to quickly prep you before the meeting.

How Charlie Does It

Charlie App finds the information you’ll only need using an advanced algorithm. This enables the app to scour through different sources on the web including social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as from Google News, tech blogs and other websites.

Charlie crawls only on public information, including the personal information publicly shared by the subject. Having an overview of your client’s business as well as its performance in the market is great when you want to keep an updated conversation with him. But knowing some personal information about him may seal the deal. Nothing beats giving conversations a personal touch.

The app also gathers a list of shared connections you may have with your client and also some tidbits of anything you have in common like a hobby or preferences.

Why Choose Charlie

Charlie isn’t the first app to offer the same service. Another app called Refresh also functions like Charlie, but its focus is mainly to cater mobile app users. It’s created to alert users on the phone with meeting reminders. On the other hand, Charlie takes the concept of the product but only gives the information through email.

Simply connect your Charlie app with your Google Account so the app can use Google’s calendar. This will allow the app to send you the information you need an hour before the meeting.