The perks of travelling: discovering new places, immersing into different cultures, meeting people of various beliefs, and relaxing on a fine, pricey hotel somewhere your plane ticket takes you.

But travelling around isn’t all peaches. There are hurdles frustrating enough to make anyone cringe, like thinking about the money spent on a cancelled hotel reservation. It’s the non-refundable room you ought to occupy or use had not for unexpected occurrences such as cancelled flights or sickness.

Roomer wants to change all that by helping you sell your hotel reservation to another person who needs it the most.

Roomer, The New Marketplace for Travellers

Roomer is an online marketplace for travellers who want to sell their non-refundable hotel reservations to other travellers who are looking for the best accommodation deals. Now those who don’t want to lose the money paid for cancelled hotel reservations and cancellation fees can now heave a sigh of relief.

Sellers in Roomer have to submit the details about their reservation and the web app will do the rest of the work. Roomer will post the details, including the images of the hotel. Its system will then notify the hotels or the booking agencies to transfer the reservation to the person who books the room. Buyers pay through Roomer with its secure payment platform, and the company will then forward the payment to the seller.

Roomer’s Automated Validation System

People who intend to scam others have no room in Roomer. The web app uses an automated validation system to ensure the authenticity of every reservation. This guarantees buyers that they’ll be surely getting the room they’ve paid for. Meanwhile, Roomer’s secure payment vault ensures sellers that they’ll receive the money from their sales 10 days after the check out date.

There’s no haggling that’s going to happen unlike other similar services. Roomer is simply a secondary market with a straightforward approach for booking reservations.

Roomer is Good for the Hotel Industry

While hotels might enjoy profits from unused rooms and cancellation fees, they suffer more from losing people who could have been part of their new customer base. Worse, empty rooms would result to empty restaurants, empty bars, and less hotel service- which are all parts that are making a hotel as what it is. This is the time when the hotel industry can reap the benefits presented by Roomer.

Roomer, which is based in Israel, plans to expand by officially partnering with numerous hotels worldwide.