Canva, the easy online design tool,is growing at an impressive rate. In October, the company has reached over 1 million users of its design app. To add, some big investors have joined the boat to fund Canva, including the world-renowned business guru Guy Kawasaki.

On the first week of November, Canva has announced another good news to its users- the Canva Design School. The unveiling of the said platform will launch a series of workshop and programs aimed at increasing the way people approach visual communication.

Canva Educates the World on Visual Information

The Canva Design School aims to educate people on effective designing. The series of workshop are aimed at teachers to inspire the classroom, students who want to build personal branding through visuals, and companies to communicate their brands online.

Since Canva has been taught in a number of schools worldwide, the Canva Design School will provide additional design learning resources for teachers. These teaching materials will help create a powerful impact on the students’ learning in classrooms. This will be made possible through the offered course named ‘Design Essentials’, a 30-part series free for users and packed with interactive tutorials on nine core areas of the design process.

Canva Partners with Online Learning Hubs

To fully launch the Canva Design School, the company announced that they’re partnering with a few online learning companies. The companies mentioned are Skillshare, an online learning site for a variety of creators, General Assembly, a design, technology, and business school, and OpenLearning, a community-driven education organisation.

Aside from partnering with those companies, which will be hugely beneficial to Canva’s efforts, the design school will also be working with two leading design instructors to help the company formulate its lessons and resources for the classroom. They’re Richard Byrne and Vicki Davis, both from and respectively.

The Essential Core Parts of Canva Design School

The new Canva Design School has 3 core components that should be taken note of:

• -Interactive Design Course- Interactive tutorials on branding, layouts, images, fonts, and more.

• -Daily Design Publication- Canva provides great content every day of the week to read from their Design School Blog. They’re tips from experts that you can use for learning the trade.

• -Teacher Resources Portal and Lesson Plans- A comprehensive workshop series and lesson plans created for teachers in teaching the importance of visual communication in the classroom.

You can now access and use Canva Design School from Canva’s official website.