Let’s first take note on the features that we usually want from a note-taking app. Here’s a checklist: plain text writing- check, simple & clean interface- check, accessible from any device-check, doing what a note-taking app should do- check!

If you think these features are enough for a quick note-taking, wait until your notes grew larger and you’ll find your app already bloated and messy. Boximize, an app created by two former Microsoft employees, tries to make the note-taking scene a better place for jotting down notes.

Box in Your Notes with Boximize

Boximize is an iOS app that’s powerful and intuitive enough to organise your notes into collections with customisable fields so you can take control over your entries in complex databases. There are 27 pre-defined collections for those who want to store a specific file format into the right box.

These are some of the boxes which are already formatted to support any of your content:


-Text Fields

-Time Billing

-Audio Notes


-Movie Collection

-Exercise Log

-To-do list


-and a lot more…

To start using the app, simply add a collection by tapping the (+) symbol under the main page. The premade form templates are then presented for your use, with a guarantee that each template already has the structured notes and item field options in place. But you can easily change them or, if none of the templates meets your specifications, you can create a new template from scratch.

Boximize has a Simple User Interface

Although Boximize has a complex database at its core, its design doesn’t show it. With a flat design and simple user interface, the app fits well with the iOS 7. Note-taking is fun with Boximize, especially for people who like organising data. With the app’s colorful boxes, your note-taking experience is less boring.

The structured note fields are also customisable including tasks, completed checklists, due dates,priorities, and more. Content options for each item can also be customised within a structured note.

Affordable Note-Taking Solution

Boximize is available on Apple App Store and is on sale for a reasonable price of $1.99, though its regular price is a little overboard for $ 4.99. The app runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, featuring customisable databases for a better and fun notes organisation.