Almost every writing material nowadays goes paperless. People have been relying heavily on mobile devices to write down everything. Even a lengthy blog post can be written using only a handheld device like our smart phones. However, the writing process is disrupted when we have to use another application to check some things out. With the release of Drafts 4, note-taking on mobile devices has become the quickest job yet.

New Update by Agile Tortoise

Drafts 4 is the newest update of the popular iOS note capturing app Drafts. It’s the biggest update that launched a few highlights for Drafts 4.

Drafts is known for its ability to save and restore written notes automatically even though the user wants to navigate to other apps. When one decides to stop writing, he can leave it that way and switch to another app, and when he comes back to Drafts, everything he wrote is still there.

It’s also good to note that the newly released update makes Drafts 4 a new and separate app from the previous version. So anyone who still keeps Drafts 3 can still use the app along with Drafts 4. The catch is, the user still needs to buy the new version if he wants to use it. The app is also updated to become a universal writing app for both iPhone and iPad users.

Drafts 4 Awesome Features

These are some of the highlighted features of the app from Agile Tortoise’s website:

  • Simple and organised inbox for both new and old drafts
  • Full text searching
  • Automatic and fast synchronisation on Apple CloudKit
  • Powered by iOS Share Extension for capturing text from the web
  • Great external keyboard support
  • Markdown syntax highlighting
  • Custom actions to pre-address contacts through emails and Social Media

An App Worthy of Downloading

It’s a must have app for everyone who is always on the go. The Drafts 4 app is available on the Apps Store as a separate app for $4.99. It’s definitely the price that’s sure to give more value from the huge update.